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Possible values for "Type" include:
  • In Stock: part is in stock at a Paragon warehouse
  • Repaired: Paragon has previously repaired this part
  • Reverse-engineered: Paragon has previously reverse-engineered this part
  • Dedicated: Paragon has previously performed commercial grade dedication for this part
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13N119502 13N119503 148D1675G0003 IB4AHTCC KTL150003 A512A026 ALIM1979 ASOR12044 65030X3153 65030X3154 65030X3156 65030X3157 65030X3159 65030X3161P10 9903015 9903059 9903085 9903091 9903109 2001731012 2001731017 2001731018 136B2503AAG003 136B2543AAG002 136B2772AAG002 136B3107BBG003 136B3109AAG002 136B3117AAG001 136B3118AAG001 136B3118AAG002 193B1189AAG001 193B1202AAG001 193B1392AAG003 195B9074AAG002 1979B1 198B6787G002 2001731001GR1 2001731005 136B3118AAG2 136B3122AAG001 136B3122AAG003 136B3230AAG001 BCM2 148D2498G0001 148D2602G0001 148D2698G0001 157C4769G005 157C4769G010 157C4769G014 193B1188AAG001 8271005 DA16HTCC YP10889000 YP10963 PSM2 Q26131 R10 RC11191 118D1348G0002 115D6320BBG001 115D6320BBG002 115D6320BBG003 117D8509G0002 135B9879G001 10873000 1089001 10925C01 10958B20 11010A37 112C3152G003 100700C 1088901 8271083 A2036 136B3101AAG001 158B7132TAG001 193B1187AAP001 135B9879G004 136B1308G002 136B1308G007 136B1313G002 399184 1094300 10973 BCMSRM 118D1343G001 2001731010 HFD3050 2736193ATCREVJ 2736193